International Journal of Planetary & Space Research (IJPSR)


Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Planetary & Space Research (IJPSR) is an international scientific journal edited by the International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI). The journal provides a common forum where all aspects of Planetary & Space Sciences are covered. The journal calls for original papers, review articles, technical reports and short communications containing new insights into any aspect of Fundamental or Applied Sciences provided they have not been published or are not being considered for publication elsewhere. The journal welcomes papers in most all the Planetary & Space Research Topics, in particular Terrestrial & extra-Terrestral impact structures, Terrestrial planets & satellites measurements, Physics of the interiors of planets, Magnetic fields & Magnetospheres and their evolution, Satellite data acquisition & processing & development (Laser ranging, Altimetry, Gradiometry,…), Geodetic networks, Gravity on outer Planets and their satellites, Ground-based & Space-borne instrumentation & Remote sensing, Moon & Solar observations, Geology & Morphology of the surfaces, Tectonics, Mineralogy, Metrology, Atmospheric environment, Image capture & processing, Laboratory simulations,...

Authors are advised to suggest several potential reviewers who are familiar with the technical aspect of their paper. The final decision on any paper is made by the Editor-in-Chief.

IJPSR appears twice a year, in June and December. Considering the increasing importance of swift, effective, international communication,

IJPSR offers:

:: Publication shortly after acceptance.
:: Online publication in advance of the printed journal.
:: Papers abstr/indexed by all the major scientific indexing services
:: One Journal copy with 5 offprints will be sent to the Corresponding Author
:: Articles may also be submitted for special issues.

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