IDOSI Regional Representative

Prof. Dr. Wahid M. Ahmed,

Personal Data:

Name : Wahid Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed.
Date of birth : November 11th, 1957.
Place of birth : Cairo, Egypt.
Nationality : Egyptian.
Religion : Moslem.

Marital status : Married and has a son and a daughter.

Contact Details: 

Home address: 13 Al Omda El-Gedid St., Elharam, Giza, Egypt 

Home phone: 33856575 

Cell Phone: 01008606464 – 01119697166 

Professional address: Department of Animal Reproduction &AI, National Research Center, Postal code: 12622, Dokki, Giza, Egypt 

Tel.: +202 33370931

Fax: +202) 33370931

Email: & 

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Scopus Author ID: 17344970800 


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Research Professor , Department of Animal Reproduction and Artificial Insemination, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt. 


• B.V.Sci. May,1980.,Cairo Univ.
• M.V.Sci. June 1987, Cairo Univ.
• Ph.D.Vet. March, 1991 Cairo Univ.


1-Veterinary Officer: April 2nd-1981 - September 30th, 1983, The Department of Veterinary Services., Ministry of Defense , Egypt.

2-Research Scholar: October 1st, 1983 – September 14th, 1987, The Department of Animal Reproduction & AI, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

3-Research Assistant: September 15th October 19th, 1987, The Department of Animal Reproduction &A.I., National Research Center, 
Cairo, Egypt.

4-Assistant Researcher: October 20th, 1987 – April 26th, 1991, The Department of Animal Reproduction &A.I., National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

5-Researcher: April 27th, 1991- May 29th, 1996, The Department of Animal Reproduction &A.I., National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

6-Assistant Research Professor: May 30th, 1996 - June 24th 2001, The 
Department of Animal Reproduction &A.I., National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.

7- Research Professor: June 25th, 2001 till 18 April 2010, The Department of Animal Reproduction & A.I. , National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.



8- Head of  the Department of Animal Reproduction &A.I., National Research Center, Giza, Egypt since 19 April  2010 till 21 April 2016

9- Research Professor ,  Department of Animal Reproduction &A.I., National Research Center, Giza, Egypt since 22 April 2016


• General field: Animal Reproduction & AI.
• Fine field: Reproductive Hygiene.


1-Factors affecting ovarian activity in farm animals with emphasis on “Ovarian inactivity”.

2-Clinicopathological changes in biological fluids during different Reproductive phase in farm animals.

3-Pathological alterations in genital organs of farm animals.

4-Application of biotechnology for improving reproductive efficiency in Farm animals.

5-Effect of environmental pollution on reproduction in farm animals.

6- Safety and occupational health for personnel working in research laboratories.

7- Scientific publication in periodical journals and congresses 



1- Egyptian Veterinary Medicine Association (Since 1983).

2- Egyptian Veterinary Association for Buffaloes Development (Since 1985).

3- Egyptian Association for Animal Reproduction and Fertility (Since 1988).

4- Egyptian Association for Comparative Pathology and Clinical Pathology (Since 1992).

5- Egyptian Association for Applied Science (Since 1994).


1- Unit of Improving Reproduction in Farm Animals- National Research Center, 2002 - 2007.

2- Unit of Poultry Wealth, National Research Center, 2002-2005

3- Egyptian Society for Improving Buffaloes, 2004

4- Safety and occupational health council, National Research Center, 2005

5- Asian Network of Scientific Information (ANSI)

6- Academic Journals, USA, 2007

7- Regional Representative of the International Digital Organization for Scientific Information (IDOSI), Pakistan .

8- Editor in chief of International Scientific Journals:

1. Academic Journal of Animal Diseases 
2. Academic Journal of Nutrition 
3. Academic Journal of Oral and Dental Medicine
4. Acta Parasitologica Globalis
5. African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences
6. American-Eurasian J of Agricultural & Environmental Sci 
7. American-Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research
8. American-Eurasian Journal of Toxicological Sciences
9. Applied Journal of Hygiene 
10. British Journal of Poultry Sciences
11. European Journal of Applied Sciences 
12. Global Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry
13. Global Journal of Environmental Research 
14. Global Journal of Molecular Sciences
15. Global Journal of Pharmacology 
16. Global Veterinaria 
17. International Journal of Basic and Applied Virology
18. International Journal of Clinical Pathology
19. International Journal of Genetics
20. International Journal of Microbiological Research 
21. Journal of Reproduction and Infertility 
22. Research Journal of Zoonosis
23. World Applied Sciences Journal 
24. World Journal of Alternative Medicine
25. World Journal of Computer Sciences
26. World Journal of Dairy & Food Sciences
27. World Journal of Environmental Pollution
28. World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences 
29. World Journal of Nursing Sciences
30. World Journal of Zoology 

9- Editorial Member and referee in 14 International Scientific Journals: 

1. World Journal of Agricultural Scioences
2. American-Eurasian Journal of Scientific Research 
3. Journal of Biological Sciences
4. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
5. Journal of Applied Sciences
6. International Journal of Dairy Science .
7. Asian Journal of Animal Sciences
8. Asian Journal of Agricultural Research
9. Asian Journal of Animal and Veterinary Science 
10. Research Journal of Obestitric and Gynaecology
11. African Journal of Microbiology Reseach.
12. African Journal of Food Science.

10- Member of the Permanent Scientific Committee for Staff Promotion, National Research Centre (2008 - )


1-Congresses of Egyptian Veterinary Medicine Association, every two years (Since 1983).

2-The first World Congress for Buffaloes Development (December 25- 30th, 1985, Cairo ).

3- Annual Congresses of Egyptian Association for Animal Reproduction and Fertility (Since 1988).

4- Cairo First International Meeting on Working Animals (April 13- 16th, 1992, Cairo, Egypt).

5- Annual Congresses of Egyptian Association for Comparative Pathology and Clinical Pathology (Since 1992).

6- The Third International Meeting on Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction (November 2- 6th, 1996).

7- The Scientific Congress of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University every two years(since 1996). 

8-The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Association for Buffaloes Development about “Infertility in Buffaloes”(July 3rd, 1997, Giza, 

9- The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Association for Buffaloes Development about” Problems of Veal Production”(November 11th, 1997, Fayoum, Egypt).

10-The scientific symbolism on” Problems of Zinc Deficiency in Egypt and its Effect on Public Health”. (October 22nd, 1998, National Research Center, Cairo, Egypt).

11-The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Association for Buffaloes Development about” Infectious Diseases of Buffaloes”(November 7th, 2000, El Mansoura, Egypt).

12-The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Association for Buffaloes Development about” Infectious Diseases of Buffaloes characterized by vesicles formation”(Aprile 23th, 2001, Zagazig, Egypt).

13-The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Association for Animal Reproduction and Fertility about” Selection of bulls for A.I. purposes and breeding policy”(June 14th, 2001, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine-Cairo University, Egypt).

14- The Scientific Meeting of Arab Society of Environment about “ Usage of rice straw” (March, 3rd ,2002, National Research Center)

15- The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Society for treating toxicity and environmental diseases about “Treating of toxicity”(1st February , 2003, National Research Center).

16- The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Society for Comparative and Clinical Pathology about “ Fundamentals of Tissue Array , Preparation and Applications” (5th February, 2003, National Research Center, Animal Health Institute, Dokki ).

17- The Scientific Meeting of the Egyptian Society for Buffalo Developing about : “Factors Affecting Reproduction in Buffaloes”(7th May,2003, Veterinary Service Organization, Banha ).

18- The Scientific Meeting about” SARS, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome ”(24th May, 2003-the National Research Center, Dokki ).

19- The Scientific Meeting about “ Rift Valley Fever, a danger threat man and animals”( 9th March, 2003, the National Research Center Dokki )

20-The International Conferences of the Veterinary Research Division, (since 2004-National Research Center) 

21- The Scientific Meeting about “Fowl Influenza” (10 March 2004- National Research Center)

22- The Scientific Meeting about "Spring free from diseases"( 4th April 2004 National Research Center) 

23- The Scientific Meeting about”Real Time PCR”(30 May 2004- National Research Center)

24- The Scientific Meeting about” Scientific Research and Development of Technology” (22 May 2004- Alexandria Library)

25- The Scientific Meeting about”Acupuncture “(29 June 2004-National Research Center)

26- Workshop on "Laser chemistry and applications to materials and biomedical researches"-(205th October 2004-10-03-National Research Center )

27- The Scientific Meeting about "Application of biotechnology for diagnosis of diseases“(18th December 2004-National Research Center)

28- The Scientific Meeting about "The problem of liver flukes (Fascioliasis)in El- Wahat El-Baharia"(27th December, 2004 (Egyptian Society for Buffalo Development in Association with The Veterinary Service Department- Giza and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Cairo University, Giza,).

29- The Scientific Meeting about" Technical writing of research projects" ( 8th December 2005 -National Research Center)

30- The Scientific Meeting about "DNA probes and insitue hyperdization" (8th March 2006 -National Research Center)

31- The Scientific Meeting about" Use of PCR for diagnosis of tumors " ( -National Research Center)

32- The Scientific Meeting about" Ethics of Scientific research " ( November 2006 - National Research Center).

33- The 3rd International Conference of Scientific Research and its Applications – Cairo University, 3-5th May,2007, Cairo, Egypt.

34- The Scientific Meeting about Environmental Pollutants and its Relation with Genetic Deformities” - Egyptian Society for Buffalo Development in Association with Faculty of Veterinary Medicine- Cairo University, Giza, 7 December, 2007

35- The Scientific Meeting about The Save Handling with Laser- National Research Centre, 18/11.2008

36- The Scientific Meeting about “Sires Selection in Buffaloes” - Egyptian Society for Buffalo Development in Association with Institute of Animal Reproduction, Giza, 18 March, 2009

37- The Scientific Meeting about Risk Management. National Research Centre, 19/1.2010

38- 9th National Conference of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Their Role in Development and Environment. 4-6-March 2012- Egyptian Academy of Science And Technology, Ain Shams Univer5sity, Cairo, 4-6 March 2012

Coordinator of Veterinary Field Trips to areas deprived from ideal veterinary services on Monday from each week (NRC – Egyptian Organization for Veterinary Services) from 2004 tell now

Patents :
A Preparation for Treatment of Ovarian Inactivity in Large Animals: “Ovitone”. No27/2012 [632611] in 4.1.2012


1-Advanced English Program ( N RC, 1984 ).

2-Computer Sciences (Introduction Basic, Cairo Univ., 1988).

3-Application of Radioactive Isotopes and Protection from its Danger 
(Middle East Institute for Arab Countries, Cairo, Egypt, 1990).

4-Magnetic Resonance (Egyptian Academy of Science & Technology, 1994).

5-Electron Microscopy ((Egyptian Academy of Science & Techn ology, 1994).

6-Marketing of Research Services and Technology Transfer (NRC, 1995).

7-Application of Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy, Technique and Interpretation (Assiut Univ., 1998).

8-Immuno Electrophoresis of Proteins in Biological Fluids ( NR?C,1998).

9- Applications of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in Botany, Zoology and Medicine (NRC, 2000).

10- Veterinary Reproductive Ultrasound Scanning: Physics, Principles and Applications Protocols in farm Animals ( Anim. Reprod. Inst.,El Ahram, 2000).

11-Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS),( National Research Center, 2000 ).

12- Scientific Photography Processes , National Information and Documentation Center in corporation with Academy of Scientific Research and Technology(2001).

13- Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity Workshop, held by Global Health and Security Initiative, and International Biological Threat Reduction, USA and Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, Cairo, Egypt, 3-5th April,2007 

14-The International Workshop on Industrial Biotechnology, July 3 -4, 2010, Cairo , Egypt. Ministry of Scientific Research and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in the Frame of the French Egyptian Year of Science and Technology, 2010. 

15- The Fifth Session For National Research Centre Leaders. Institute of Strategic Sciences , Egypt . 5-8 January , 2011.

16- Principals of ISO 9001:2008. 16 – 17th May 2011, National Research Center.

17- Strategy Planning for Universities and Research Organizations, Fraunhover Institute, IPK, Germany and Ministry of higher5 education and scientific research, Egypt, 10-11th July 2011, cairo, Egypt.

18-Quality and Accereledition 12 December 2011, National Research Center.

19-Chemical Risk Management Training, 21-22th November 2012, Sandia National Laboratories, USA and National Research Centre, Egypt

20- Tuberculosis, Current Situation and Challenges, 7 April 2013, National Research Center. 

21- Role and Application of Biosafety to protect the workers and the environment from exposure to biological and chemical risks, 8-9th April, 2013, National Research Center. 


1- Breeding and management of large farm animals, National Research Center ( 9th August – 29th October2003).

2- Safety and occupational health (Safe handling of laboratory animals) for Master degree students - once a month since July 2005 – National Research Centre.

3- Complete safe managing of research laboratories(Safe handling of laboratory animals) for external researchers ( April and November, yearly since 2006 – National Research Centre)


1- Award The National Research Center Prize of Scientific Promotion in Agriculture, Biology and Animal Production Sciences (Animal Reproduction &A, I., 1994/1995).

2- Award The National Research Center Prize of Research Outputs (2009).

3- Certificate of honor from IDOSI, 2011

4- Award The National Research Center Prize of Research Outputs (2011).

5- Award The National Research Center Prize of Research Outputs (2012). 

6- Award The National Research Center Prize of Research Outputs (2013). 

7- Award The National Research Center Prize of The highest h-index (2014). 

8- Award The National Research Center Prize of Research Outputs (2015). 


Short exchange visit to The Department of Animal Sciences, Aberdeen University, Scotland, U.K. (Agreement between the British Royal Society and The Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology) during the period from 4-13th March 1997.



1- Rural Development (1989 – 1992).
Sponsored by Giza Governorate.

2- Effect of Minerals and Trace Elements on the Health of Man and 
Animals (1991-1993).
Sponsored by the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology.

3- In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Production in Farm Animals. 
Sponsored by The National American Research Program (NARP)

4- Evaluation of Reused Wastewater on Public Health (1994-1996).
Sponsored by the Egyptian General Organization for Great Cairo 

5-Application of Modern Farming Methods for Improving Land and
Animal Production in El Wahat (1999- 2000).
Sponsored by the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology

6- Applications of Biotechnology for Improving Animal 
Reproduction (2002 – 2004)
Sponsored by Italian Science Council and the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology

7- Embryo Transfer in Buffalo (2002 – 2004)
Sponsored by Italian Academy of Science and the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology

8- Improving the fertility in cows and buffaloes during heat stress (2006 – 2009).
Sponsored by US- Egypt joint technology fund

9-Molecular mechanism of pregnancy recognition in two humped camel (Camelus bacterianus)and dromedary camel (Camelus dromedaries) 2008 – 2011)
Sponsored by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (China – Egypt bilateral agreement)

10- The possible role of transcription factors in controlling developmental competence of in vitro produced buffalo and bovine embryos ( 2007 – 2011)
Sponsored by US– Egypt collaborative project ( STDF)

11- Cryopreservation of oocyte and embryos of Egyptian buffaloes (2011 -2013)- gyptiam Hungarian Coopration Agrement


Sponsored by the National Research Center.

1-Agricultural Developments in the New Reclaimed Areas (1988-1996).

2-Shortening of Postpartum Period in Farm Animals (1992-1995).

3-Increasing Productive and Reproductive Efficiencies of Camels(1994-1995).

4-Studying the Effect of Environmental Pollution with Heavy Metals and its Relation to Health and Reproductive Efficiency in Farm Animals (1995-1998).

5-Effect of Agriculture Pollutants on Reproductive and Productive Efficiencies of Farm Animals (1995-1998).

6-Improving the Reproductive Characteristics of Egyptian Sheep and Goats (1995-1998).

7-Ovarian Inactivity in Farm Animals (1996-1998).

8-Pathological Studies on the Effect of Antigungal on Fertility in Farm Animals (1996-1998).

9-Shortening of the Prepubertal Period in Buffaloes. (1996-1998).

10-Application of Biotechnology for Improving Reproductive Efficiency of Farm Animals (1997-1998).

11- Embryos and Fetal Mortalities in Farm Animals (1998- 2001).

12-Effects of Some Environmental Pollutants on Reproduction in Farm animals (1998-2000).

13-Further Studies on Ovarian Inactivity in Farm Animals(1998- 2000).

14-Application of Immunogenetics for Evaluation of Fertility in Goats (1998- 2001).

15-Effect of Parasitic Infestation on Fertility in Farm Animals. (1998-2000).

16-Production of Economic Milk Replacers for Suckling Calves (1998-2001).

17-Improvements of Semen Characteristics of Small Ruminants. (1998-2001).

18-Studies on Harmful Plants Found in Barseem Field(1999- 2000).

19-Immunogenetic characterization of small ruminants with special reference to fertility problems(2001-2004.

20-Further studies on improvements of semen characteristics of male Baladi goats (2001-2004).

21-Applications of some prophylactic measures to decrease calving associated problems with emphasis on postpartum ovarian activity in cattle (2002 – 2003)

22- Studies on Tuberculosis and Brucellosis in goats in Egypt (2002 – 2005).

23-Applied Studies to Overcome some Common Problems in Buffaloes with Special Reference to Ovarian Inactivity (2004 – 2007).

24- Application of Recent Biotechnological Techniques to Improve Fertility and Productivity of Buffaloes During Summer ( 2007 – 2010)

25-Application of biotechnology to improve reproductive efficiency in farm animals (2008 – 2010).

26- Improvement of general health and immune status of small ruminants using antioxidants (2010- 2013)

27- Epidemiological and biotechnological approach of toxoplasma gondii veriulent local Egyptian isolates concerning public health impact(2010- 2013)

28- Genetic selection and massive embryo production for improving fertility and milk production in buffalo (2010- 2013)

29- Development of South Sinai (2013-2016) 

30- Production of locally prepared diagnostic kits for diagnosis of cryptosporidiosisi in human and animals (2013-2016)[ 1003000 S] 

Participated in supervision on the following thesis:

A- M aster Thesis

1- Hegab A.O (1991): “Studies on in vitro fertilization in cattle and buffaloes”.- M. V. Sci. (Theriogenology), Cairo University, Egypt.

2- El-Sheriff, Y.A. (1992): “Some productive aspects in sheep suffering from coccidiosis.” M.V. Sci. (Infectious diseases), Cairo University, Egypt.

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14- Saber, Y. H, ( 2013 ): Some studies on ovarian inactivity in cattle. M.V. Sci. (Theriogenology), Cairo University, Egypt. 

Ph D Thesis

1- Abu- Zina, H.A. (1996): “Studies on deficiency of trace elements in livestock”. Ph. D. Vet. (Internal Medicine), Cairo University, Egypt.

2 - EL-Khadrawy, H.S. (1997): “Biochemical changes of hormones in relation to immunization against protein linked steroid in sheep.” Ph. D. Vet. (Biochemistry), Cairo University, Egypt.

3- Mustafa, W.S. (1997):”Studies on the effect of lead on reproductive and productive performance of rabbits” . Ph. D. Vet. (Anim. physiology), Cairo University, Egypt.

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12- Ibrahim, S.R.( 2010 – going on ): Clinico-Pathological and immunogentic Studies on Post Partum anestrum in Buffaloes”. Ph D. Vet.( Clinical Pathology), Cairo Univ. , Egypt.

13-Hozein, H.F.(2010- going on ): Studies on some physiological factors affecting the post partum ovarian rebound in buffaloes. Ph. D. Vet. (Anim. Physiology), Cairo University, Egypt.


Scientific Theses 

Title:Some Patterns of Reproduction in Native Egyptian Cattle Breeds 
Approved on : -13 June 1987 
Approved by : Department of Theriogenology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Cairo University, Egypt 

2- Ph. D. Vet. 
Title:Studies on Reproductive Activity in Native Egyptian Cows 
Approved on : 9 March 1991 
Approved by : Department of Theriogenology, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine , Cairo University, Egypt 


1- Wahid M. Ahmed(2006): 

A Guide for Safe Handling of Laboratory Animals 
Safety and occupational health committee( SOHC), NRC 

2- Wahid M. Ahmed(2013): 

Adverse Conditions Affecting Ovarian Activity in Farm Animals 
ISBN: 978-3-659-34551-7 

Publisher: LAMBERT Academic Publishing , Germany 

3- Heba F.M. Hozyen, S.I.A. Shalaby, G.E.S. Essawy, W.M. Ahmed and M.A. Abdelrahman(2014): Haematological and Biochemical Alterations in Crossbred in Cows Exposed to Air Pollutants during Rice Straw Burning in Lower Egypt, in Environment and Biodiversity, Pages 9–20, Edited by : Neelima Gupta and D.K. Gupta, Copyright © 2014, Narendra Publishing House, Delhi, India 

Prof. Dr. Wahid Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed


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