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Volume 25 Number (7), 2017

Analysis of the Legal and Regulatory Framework of Food Security in Palestine

Mahmoud M. Dodeen

Electrical Utilizationswell-Ordered by Smartphone Using Smart Huis Through Android Studio Optimization

R. Annamalia, S. Ancy and K. Cornelius

Effect of Eyestalk Ablation on Fine Structure of Mandibular Organ in the Freshwater Crab Travancoriana schirnerae

Arath Raghavan Sudha Devi, Moorkoth Kunnath Smija and Bhadravathi Kenchappa Chandrasekhar Sagar

ASL Numerals Recognition from Depth Maps Using Artificial Neural Networks

M.V. Beena and M.N. Agnisarman Namboodiri

Learning Analytics and Scholar Dropout: A Predictive Model

Víctor Daniel Gil Vera

Land Preparation Practices for Maize Production: Short Term Effects on Some Hydro-Physical Properties of Analfisol and Crop Performance

G.O. Awe and T.P. Abegunrin

A Review on Survey of High Valued Medicinal Plants of Swat

Fawad Anwar, Muhammad Jamil, Muhammad Muslim, Sohaib Ahmed, Uzma Khan, Nasir Ali and Asif Khan

Investigation of Resting-State Hemispheric Asymmetry in the Default Mode Network

Hongxia Li

Positive Effects of Islamic Education at School Going Children in Pakistan

Muhammad Sabil Farooq, Nazia Feroze and Yuan Tong Kai

Bioanalytical Method Development and Validation for Metformin and Canagliflozin Drugs in Human Plasma by RP-HPLC Method

T. Deepan, M.V. Basaveswara Rao and M.D. Dhanaraju

Challenges Facing Vocational Training of Prison Inmates in Nigeria: A Study of Abakaliki and Awka Prisons

Benjamine Okorie Ajah and Joshua O. Nweke

Statesmanship, a Panacea to National Unity and Development in Nigeria: The President Goodluck Jonathan Experience

Udeuhele Ikechukwu Godwin

Fertility Rate and Risk Factors of Schizophrenia in Najaf, Iraq

Ezzate H. Ajeena

Management of Diversification by the School Administrators at Primary Level in Nigeria

Paul Nwakpa

Organizational Resources and Job Satisfaction amongUniversity Lecturers in Ebonyi State Nigeria

Paul Nwakpa

Material Characteristic Study and Fabrication of Hydroxyapatite (HA)with Poly (Lactide/Lactic) Acids (PLA) for Orthopaedic Implants

R.S. Darsan, B. Stanly Jones Retnam and M. Sivapragash

Effect of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance ofthe Nigeria Banking Industry

Uguru Leonard Chukwuma and Obasi Ama Ibiam

Restructuring the Nigerian Federalism: the Proposed Form and Shape

E.O. Abah and Nwokwu Paul Monday

Vegetation, Life Form and Economic Uses for Wild Plant in Wadi Elip South Western Area in Saudi Arabia

Ali A. Al-Masaudi, H.S. Al-Zhrani and A.A. Al-Toukhy

Effect of SiCp Addition on the Wear Behaviour of As-Cast Al-SiCp Metal Matrix Composite Fabricated by Stir Casting Method

Tawsif Ahmed Siddique, Md Tanjidul Islam and Md Nasrul Haque

Using Single and Double Exponential Smoothing for Estimating The Number of Injuries and Fatalities Resulted From Traffic Accidents in Jordan (1981-2016)

Adeeb Ahmed Ali AL Rahamneh

SIBEDE Approach For Total Graph of Path And Cycle Graphs

V. Rajeswari and K. Thiagarajan

Conceptual Analysis of the Contemporary Learning Strategy at School

M. Zulkifli

The Philosophy of Anarchism: A Critical /Appraisal of Contemporary Statism

Macaulay A. Kanu

The Content and Style of Ina Aja: The Epic of Edda-Igbo

Mercy Agha Onu and Ngozi Emeka-Nwobia

A Philosophical Analysis of Political Participation in Nigeria

Grace Umezurike

Value Orientations in Militancy and Corrupt Attitude Formationand Change, Apanacea Fornational Development

Kenneth N. Ahamefule , Sunday M. Ofoke , Maria N. Anyansi, Udechukwu C. Dominic, Nkwuda C. Francisca and Nwangele M. Lawrence

Experimental Studies on the Nutritional and Bio-Sensory Properties of Mushroom Fortified Ogi

G.I. Gibson-Umeh and E.C. Okoli

Evaluation of Tensile and Hardness Properties for Friction Stir Welded ZE42 Magnesium Alloys

A.K. Darwins, M. Satheesh, P. Pradeep and M. Siva Prakash

Genetic Polymorphism of Albumin Locus in Relation to Ovarian Activity in Egyptian Buffalo-Cows

Wahid M. Ahmed and Magdy M. Zaabal

3D Face Recognition System in Time Critical Security Applications

R. Reji and P. Sojan Lal


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