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Volume 2 Number 2, 2009

In-Vitro Antioxidant Activity of Leaves of Ipomoea fistulosa Linn.

Kalpesh Gaur, M.L. Kori, L.K. Tyagi, R.K. Nema, C.S. Sharma and Priyanka Tripathi

Frequency and Abundance of Marine Mycoflora in Mangrove Ecosystem of North Malabar, Kerala (India)

Gayatri R. Nambiar and K. Raveendran

Individual and Combined Effects of Azospirillum brasilense and Pseudomonas fluorescens on Biomass Yield and Ajmalicine Production in Catharanthus roseus

B. Karthikeyan, Cheruth Abdul Jaleel and M.M. Azooz

Cobalt Induced Variations in Growth and Pigment Composition of Arachis hypogaea L.

K. Jayakumar, Cheruth Abdul Jaleel, Zhao Chang-Xing and M.M. Azooz

Marine Mycoflora on Avicennia and Bruguiera along Kerala Coast (India)

Gayatri R. Nambiar and K. Raveendran

On the Taxonomy of Laurus L. (Lauraceae), Evidence from Isozymes, RAPD and ISSR

Abdel-Moneim Ibraheim Aboel-Atta

In vitro Culture of Lasiosipon eriocephalus an Endangered Species

Madhuri Sharon and Arvind Gupta

Effect of Paclobutrazol and ABA on Total Phenol Contents in Different Parts of Holy Basil (Ocimum sanctum)

R. Gopi, Cheruth Abdul Jaleel, V. Divyanair, M.M. Azooz and R. Panneerselvam

Seasonal Variation in Elemental Composition of Certain Seaweeds from Mandapam and Kilakarai Coast, Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve

K. Sivakumar

Antimicrobial Activity and Phytochemical Analysis of Stem Bark of Balanites roxburghii Planch.

Virendra Singh, Jay Ram Patel, Lalit Kumar Tyagi, Kalpesh Gaur, Mohan Lal Kori

Isozymes, RAPD and ISSR Variation in Melilotus indica (L.) All. and M. siculus (Turra) B.G. Jacks. (Leguminosae)

Abdel-Moneim Ibraheim Aboel-Atta

In vitro Antifungal Activity of Streptomyces griseus Against Phytopathogenic Fungi of Tomato Field

A. Anitha and M. Rebeeth