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Academic Journal of Entomology (AJE)

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Volume 8 Number 3, 2015

DNA Fingerprinting of Some Major Genera of Subterranean Termites (Isoptera) (Anacanthotermes, Psammotermes and Microtermes) from Western Saudi Arabia

Abdel Rahman A. Faragalla, Mohamed H. Alqhtani, Isam Abu Zeid and Mohamed M.M. Ahmed

Combined Efficacy of Biofertilizer with Different Biopesticides on Aphid's Infestation (Acyrnthosiphon pisum) and the Productivity of Pea Crop (Pisum sativum)

Kanchan Mishra, Keshav Singh and C.P.M. Tripathi

Morphological Study of Different Developmental Stages of Brachytrupes megacephalus Lefebvre, 1827 (Orthoptera, Gryllidae) and Their Development in Oued Righ Region (Algerian Sahara)

Lakhdari Wassima, Doumandji-Mitiche Bahia, Acheuk Fatma, Dehliz Abderrahmene, M'lik Randa, Soud Adila and Hammi Hamida

Assessment of Challenges and Opportunities of Bee Keeping in and Around Gondar

Malede Birhan, Selomon Sahlu and Zebene Getiye

AMMI, Stability and GGE Biplot Analysis of Durum Wheat Grain Yield for Genotypes Tested under Some Optimum and High Moisture Areas of Ethiopia

Shitaye Homma

Efficacy of Some Botanicals in Controlling Fruit Borer (Heliothis armigera) in Tomato

Smriti Sultana Binte Mustafiz, Md. Tazul Islam Chowdhury and Ayesha Akter

A Review on Varroa Mites of Honey Bees

Mebrie Zemene, Basaznew Bogale, Samuel Derso, Shiret Belete, Shewatatek Melaku and Hailemariam Hailu

A Preliminary Study of Butterfly Fauna of Tehsil and District Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan

Naila Afshan, Muhammad Ayaz Khan, Shah Fahad Ali Khan, Noor ul Akbar, Azra Azam and Asma Naseem