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World Journal of Fish and Marine Sciences (WJFMS)

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: :   DOI : 10.5829/idosi.wjfms

: :   Publication Dates : Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct & Dec


 Prof. Dr. Wahid Mohamed Ahmed, Egypt 


Dr. Richard Heckmann, USA

Dr. M. Hedayatifard, Iran

Dr. Jian Qin, Australia

Dr. Shaban Najafpour, Iran 

Dr. Wannee Jiraungkoorskul, Thailand

 Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ismail A. Eissa, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Ahmed H. El-Saman, Syria

Prof. Dr. El-Moustafa Talbay, Moraco

Prof. Dr. Mohelydin A. Hassanin, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Laila A. Mohamed, Egypt

Prof. Dr. Abdelmeguid A. Derballa, Egypt

Dr. Wan Maznah Wan Omar, Malaysia

Dr. Osman A. Kamel, Egypt

Dr. Faragalla M. El Moghazy, Egypt

Dr. Khaled A. Dessouky, Canada

Dr. Corrado Piccinetti Direttore, Italy

Dr. Abdou Alsayes, Egypt

Dr Jacques Sacchi, France

Dr Amy J. Benson, Florida

Dr. Diego Bbernal, Dartmouth

Dr. David Tallmon, Alaska

Dr. Mark Aa. Pegg, Nebraska

Dr. B.C. Ghoble, India

Dr. D.L. Sonawane, India

Dr. Jian Qin, Flinders 

Dr. Robert Arlinghaus, Berlin

Dr. Nelson M. Ehrhardt, Miami

Dr. Pathan Tanvir, India