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Volume 4 Number 2, 2012

Contribution of Remote Sensing and GIS for the Study of the Evolution of the Spatial and Temporal of Land Use in the ZIZ Middle, Errachidia Region (Morroco)

A. Essahlaoui and M. Abba

Extraction of Structural Lineaments from Satellite Images Landsat 7 ETM+ of Tighza Mining District (Central Morocco)

Amina Kassou, Ali Essahlaoui and Mohamed Aissa

Azimuthal Square Array Configuration and Groundwater Prospecting in Quartzite Terrian at Edaikkal, Ambasamudram, Tirunelveli

A. Antony Ravindran

Spectral Studies of Quarry Blasts and Earthquakes in Eastern Cairo, Egypt

Sayed A. Dahy and Gad E. Abdrabou

A Study on Shallow and Deep Focus Earthquakes and Relationship to the Water Level in the Western Side of the Aswan High Dam Lake, Egypt

Sayed Abdallah Dahy