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Volume 26 Number (1), 2018

Updates in Bovine Mastitis

Emtenan M. Hanafi, Wahid M. Ahmed, Magdy M. Zaabal and Hesham H. El Khadrawy

Pulsatile Flow of a Conducting Couple Stress Fluid in an Inclined Channel Bounded by Permeable Beds with Suction and Injection

P.D. Selvi, S. Sreenadh and E. Kesava Reddy

An Investigation on The Mediating Effect of Brand Trust on the Relationship between Elements of Brand Management and Brand Loyalty: A Literature Review

Syahida Abd Aziz, Muhammad Shahar Jusoh and Mohammad Harith Amlus

Lamb Growth Performance Evaluation of Wollo Highland Sheep and Their F1 Crossbreds on Smallholder farm in South Wollo, Ethiopia

Tadesse Amare, Gebeyehu Goshu and Berhan Tamir

Determining of Routes and Time of Biogenetic Resources Smuggling in Western Tigray, Ethiopia

Abraha Reda and Muleta Yirga

Analysis and Quantitative Approach for Measuring the Value of the Social Network

Ritu Sindhu and Neha Gehlot

Urbanization and Insecurity in Nigeria: The Issues, Challenges and Prospect for National Development

Udeuhele, Godwin Ikechukwu

Atmospheric Corrosivity in the Klang Valley, Malaysia

Fadel Mohamed BinYehmed, Ahmad Makmom Abdullah, Zulkarnain Zainal, Ruzniza Mohd Zawawi and Rasheida E. Elhadi


Military and Democratic Development in the Post Independent Nigeria: A Reappraisal of Civil-Military Relations

Odoh Samuel Ituma and Aro Gilbert Chukwu

Israel-Palestinian Conflict and the Jihadist Radicalization in North Africa

Odoh Samuel Ituma and Aro Gilbert Chukwu

National Security and the Management of 2015 General Election in Ebonyi State: The Role of the Police

Isidore U. Nwanaju, Amiara S. Amiara and Uche Jacob Henry

Phonological Adaptation and Morpho Syntactic Integration in Igbo-English Insertional Code switching

Nwode Goodluck Chigbo and Agwu Uzoma Patience

Microbial Media Formulation Using Rice Husks, Yam and Cassava Peels on Some Selected Microorganisms

Clementina Ukamaka Uwa, O. Olaosebikan Oluwatosin, Uchenna Iyioku Ugah, Nwoba Theophilus Sunday and Iwenamen Ikeide

Reduction of Biochemical Marker Changes in Obese Rats by Nutraceutical Formulas

Nabila Y. Mahmoud Abdulmaguid

Current Status of farm Conserved Varieties and Possible Threats in Sustainable Utilization at Hawzen and Ganta Afeshum Districts of Tigray

Abraha Reda and Mebrahtom Mesfin